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Arai Helmets 3017 Shield Base Plate Set

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Arai Quantum/RX-7/Astral/Profile/NR-3/Condor/Chaser Shield Pivot Base Plate Set
Genuine Arai Base Plate Pivot kit for shields. Fits these helmets: Quantum/e, Quantum/f, Quantum-2, RX7XX, RX7RR3, RX-7RR4, RX-7 Corsair, NR-3, Rapide-3, Astro-R, Astro-TR, Astral, Astral-X, Condor, Route-GT, SV, Viper-GT, Profile, and Chaser

This Super AdSis L2 Type (LRS - Lever Release System) will ONLY work with Super AdSis series-2 (SAX-2, SAG-2, SAJ) shield cover pods (holders). Earlier helmets must replace both the base plates and shield cover pods to gain the advantages of this new system. However, the shields are the same for both the earlier Super AdSis series-1 and series-2