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Black Box Christmas tree Macallan - Natural pine

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***OPEN BOX***

Very natural color, beautifully finished! Looks like a real!

A beautifully decorated tree that you can sit around with the whole family during the cold Christmas days. This unique, whimsical Christmas tree is a good start for this. The artificial pine tree has soft needles that are formed in molds, giving the tree a natural look. The beautiful open structure ensures that you can decorate the tree with baubles and pendants. The artificial tree is 185 centimeters high, has a diameter of 127 centimeters and has 1748 side branches.

Building the Christmas tree
You can assemble this Christmas tree in no time with the help of the hinge construction. In this construction, the branches are pre-assembled in brackets with a hinge. As a result, the branches fall in the right place as soon as you put the tree down. All you have to do is unfold the small branches nicely, so that it becomes a full Christmas tree.

Side branches and needles
The base of this Macallan Christmas tree is a metal trunk. On this trunk are the side branches with needles made of mixed materials.
Some of the branches and needles are made in molds with a PE material. These molds are formed with real pine green from nature, giving the soft PE branches and needles the precise shape from nature. The advantage of these branches and needles is that they always keep their shape.

The other part of the branches and needles are made of PVC. This is done by means of a special technique, so that they are firmly attached to the branches. For this, long strips of PVC are cut into thin strips and then wrapped around the branch. In this way a branch is created with flat and sturdy needles. The mix of PE and PVC in combination with brown side branches gives the tree a real natural look. In addition, this combination of materials provides a sturdy whole so that you can decorate the tree with balls, Christmas pendants or other Christmas decorations.

  • This artificial Christmas tree has a whimsical and irregular structure, just like the real fir trees from nature.
  • Easy to set up due to the hinge construction
  • The soft PE material provides a beautiful and real pine-green look

Type: Macallan (LED)

- Height: 185 cm
- Diameter: 127 cm

Material: PVC and PE
Side branches: 1748

size: h185 x 127cm (+- 6 foot)
height (cm):185
diameter (cm): 127
number of side branches: 1748
composition: PVC and PE
color: Green
brand: Black Box
UPC:  8711473871210