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Gaggenau Vario 400 Series VL431707 Downdraft Ventilation System

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4 Inch Modular Downdraft Ventilation System with Optional Blowers, 2 Fan Speeds, Delayed Shut-Off, Stainless Steel Grease Filter and Automatic Sealing Flaps

  • With downdraft ventilation for the series 400, the suction opening is covered when not in use to improve the appearance of the cooktop.
  • When the ventilation is switched off, the flaps remain open for a few seconds to prevent sudden closing and the unpleasant noise of the fan shutting down.
Downdraft Ventilation
  • A very interesting and effective alternative to conventional wall-mounted or, in particular, island hoods.
  • The ventilation is integrated directly into the cooktop and extracts the cooking steam before it can rise, mix with the air in the room and get into a cook's clothing.
  • The headroom above the cooktop remains free for communicating across the cooktop or looking into all saucepans, because even steam from taller pots is effectively removed if the lid is left open a bit on the side towards the ventilation.
  • If one wants clean lines in their kitchen, it is definitely the most unobtrusive option.
  • The design of Gaggenau downdraft ventilation units is adapted directly from their Vario appliance series 200 and 400.
  • They are available with or without automatic arm positioning and flaps.
  • All downdraft ventilation units operate with remote blowers, so a suitable solution can be found for any configuration.
Delayed Shut-Off
  • This function allows one to set the ventilation to stay on for a further ten minutes after use on any setting, before automatically switching itself off.
  • This way, the air is cleaned especially thoroughly after cooking.
Remote Blower
  • Downdraft ventilation systems operate with a separate fan.
  • It can mean more flexibility when the system is being built into furniture.
  • Depending on their design, the remote blower can be built into kitchen furniture, or installed in another room (in a pantry, cellar or loft) or outside (in a wall or roof).
  • All the functions are controlled via a connection cable, just as with an integral fan.
Stainless Steel Grease Filter, Dishwasher-Safe
  • With Gaggenau ventilator hoods, the saturated air with grease and odor particles first passes through a grease filter.
  • This prevents the inside of the hood and the exhaust air ducts from becoming coated.
  • The stainless steel filter can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.
Do not use with VG 411-210 CA.
VL 430/431-707 must be installed with remote blower GB 031-707.
Type: Downdraft Ventilation - Control Unit
Stainless Steel: Yes
Recirculating: No
Sealing Flaps: Yes
Extendable Swivel Arm: No
Metal Grease Filter: No
Grease Drain Channel: No
Number of Fan Levels: 2
Delayed Shut Off Function: Yes
Interval Ventilation: No
Grease Filter Saturation Display: No
Control Panel Arrangement: No
Compact Fluorescent Tube: No
Exhaust Air Connection Bottom: Yes
Exhaust Air Connection Side: Yes
Exhaust Air Connection Piece in Inches: 4 15/16"
Stainless Steel Grease Filter: Yes
Control Knob: No
Touch Keys: Yes
Dimensions and Weights
Width: 3 11/16"
Depth: 20 1/16"
Height: 6 3/8"
Height Up to Connecting Pipe: 11 5/8"
Cutout Width: 3 1/8"
Cutout Depth: 19 5/16"