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Genuine Shoei CX-1 Helmet visors shield - CLEAR

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Genuine Shoei CX-1 Helmet visors to fit the following helmets:

  • -Shoei Raid I
  • -Shoei XR 800 / 900
  • -Shoei XV / XVR
  • -Shoei Exceed / Exceed 2
  • -Shoei RS 700
  • -Shoei Interceptor
  • -Shoei Z1
  • -Shoei Syncrotec / Syncrotec 2

SHOEI CX-1 Shield Technology:

CX-1 is something unique - the CX-1 shield is not attached to the helmets with screws, but by a spring loaded ratchet.

The shield is detached by pulling two levers, re-attached just as fast and it’s fit on the window seals Is fine-adjustable.

As the entire attachment unit is inside the shield, there is no need for (noisy) shield covers.

The shield itself functions as the sleekest cover you can imagine!

CX-1V Visor Technology:
The CX-1V shield mechanism system is the next level in SHOEI´s leading visor technology. Although both systems (CX-1 & CX-1V )look similar the differences can be found in the following features:

  • visor locking system
  • wider shield

Attention: The CX-1V system fits only on the new developed helmet models starting from the X-Spirit, XR-1000…

Pinlock Inserts sold separately