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3 x HP Inkjet Cartridge, Vivera, No. 02, Black, 10 ml, 680 Pages

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Lot of 3 cartridge

HP #02 Black Inkjet Cartridge. C8721WC.

approx. 660 color graphics pages (actual yield depends on printer and specific use)

Compatible with: HP PhotoSmart 3108, PhotoSmart 3110, PhotoSmart 3210, PhotoSmart 3310, PhotoSmart 8230, PhotoSmart 8238, PhotoSmart 8250, PhotoSmart 8253, PhotoSmart C5140, PhotoSmart C5150, PhotoSmart C5175, PhotoSmart C5180, PhotoSmart C5185, PhotoSmart C5188, PhotoSmart C5190, PhotoSmart C6150, PhotoSmart C6154, PhotoSmart C6170, PhotoSmart C6175, PhotoSmart C6180, PhotoSmart C6183, PhotoSmart C6185, PhotoSmart C6188, PhotoSmart C6190, PhotoSmart C6240, PhotoSmart C6250, PhotoSmart C6280, PhotoSmart C6283, PhotoSmart C6288, PhotoSmart C7150, PhotoSmart C7180, PhotoSmart C7250, PhotoSmart C7275, PhotoSmart C7280, PhotoSmart C7283, PhotoSmart C7288, PhotoSmart C8150, PhotoSmart C8150, PhotoSmart C8180, PhotoSmart D6160, PhotoSmart D7145, PhotoSmart D7155, PhotoSmart D7145, PhotoSmart D7155, PhotoSmart D7160, PhotoSmart D7260, PhotoSmart D7345, PhotoSmart D7355, PhotoSmart D7360, PhotoSmart D7368, PhotoSmart D7460