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Presta Ultra Cutting Creme Light - 32oz 133432

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The perfect compound for light damage and swirls. Less aggressive than the Ultra Cutting Creme. Follow with Presta Swirl Remover for a flawless finish in just two steps.

Ultra Cutting Creme Light is designed to remove 2000-grit and finer sand scratches from any painted surface - from soft, freshly painted to fully cured.

- Contains NO fillers, waxes or silicones
- Designed for use with a high-speed, rotary buffer.
- For best results : use with Presta Yellow Wool Buffing Pad (PRE-890142)
- Follow with Presta Swirl Remover to maximize gloss and shine (PRE-133601 / PRE-133608 / PRE-133632)
- Cleans up easily – water-based formula.