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10x TPT1005SDF Thora-Para drug-free tray with 5 Fr catheter

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Expiration date : 2024-09-30

For education/vet Only. Please look at the pictures. Selling "As-Is".

Safe, effective diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Self-sealing safety valve
Reduced chance of obstruction
Multiple fluid withdrawal options

Tray components
• Catheter device, 8 Fr
over introducer needle,
with stopcock
• BD SafetyGlide needles, 25 G x 1"
and 22 G x 1½"
• Futura safety scalpel
• Filter needle, 19 G x 1½" (3.8 cm)
• Luer-lock syringe, 60 mL
• Luer-lock syringe, 10 mL
• Universal drainage set
• Extension set with 16 G x 1½"
vacuum needle
• Fluid collection bag
• Syringe protector and
collection protector
• Prelabeled 10 mL specimen
vials with caps (3 ea.)
• Gauze pads, 3" x 3" (6 ea.)
• Fenestrated drape
• Towel
• Hospital wrap
• Bandage
• 5-in-1 wall suction adapter
• Needle foam stop

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