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10 x Portex® Bacterial/Viral Breathing Filter-002862

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Lot of 10 filter
Breathing Filter 002862
Expiration : 2024/01/27
  • The Portex Bacterial/Viral Breathing Filter is designed for use with ventilators and anesthesia machines. It is also suitable for open flow systems where filtration of inspired or expired gases are required. Simply place the filter at the end of your machine on the inspiratory or expiratory side of the patient circuit.


    • Made of electrostatically-charged polypropylene
    • Suitable for anesthesia machines, ventilators and open flow systems


    • Method of filtration: Electrostatic attraction, torturous path, depth
    • OD patient end: 15mm ID x 22mm
    • ID circuit end: 22mm
    • Product #: 70-002862
    • Viral filtration efficiency      >99.9%
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Bacterial filtration efficiency: >99.9%
    • Circuit end: 22mm ID
    • Weight: 20g
    • Latex-free: Yes
    • Dead space: 32mL
    • Resistance: 1cm H2O at 30L/min, 2cm H2O at 60L/min and 3.5cm H2O at 90L/min
    • Connection port: 15mm ID x 22mm OD